Do you have children who are learning to drive? Take a look at Nash Habib’s safety advice.

Nashwan Habib
2 min readNov 8, 2021

Nashwan Habib’s safety tips may help rookie drivers.

Getting a driver’s licence is one of the most exciting things for many kids. Automobiles provide autonomy. They are a menace. For example, roadside breakdowns may quickly turn into catastrophic problems. One specialist, Nashwan Habib, offers advise.

“Preparing your children for driving requires more than simply knowing the laws of the road,” says Nashwan Habib. “Teaching your kids what to do in an emergency might save their lives.”

A vehicle that breaks down should first put on the danger lights to inform oncoming drivers. If the car is still drivable, attempt to park it. If not, going to the side of the road soon is vital.

Once parked, the driver should turn the wheels away from the road. Then use the emergency brake. This reduces the crippled car’s chances of relocating.

“As a parent, you should point out safe locations to stop,” Nashwan Habib adds. “Turn into a parking lot or onto a wide shoulder if feasible. Avoid stopping near deep ditches or other substantial drop-offs.”

It’s tempting to go out and explore. But first, make sure leaving the car is safe. On the interstate or amid heavy traffic, remain in your vehicle and phone for aid. Increasing visibility is crucial if you’re stranded. Keep flares, reflectors, and emergency lights in your car. Electric flare lights are now safe and easy to operate.”

Basic tools and materials like screwdrivers and wrenches should be included in an emergency pack. Hopefully, you’ll never need your emergency kit. In an emergency, the preceding knowledge will be beneficial.

Nashwan Habib suggests keeping a roadside help company’s phone number ready.

In an emergency, contact a roadside help company. Experts can safely tow automobiles, replace tyres, and perform other roadside services. They frequently have flares and reflectors.

“You don’t want to be trapped looking for roadside help.” “You’re already stressed,” Nashwan Habib says. “Finding a roadside assistance company near your home, business, or vacation is smart. Then call their number.”



Nashwan Habib

Nashwan Habib was born in Iraq and In the years after the end of the first Gulf War, streams of refugees from Iraq were trying to get to the United States.