Nash Habib investigates the most common causes of car accidents.

Nashwan Habib
3 min readNov 25, 2021

Understanding the factors that contribute to auto accidents might help you avoid them. Nash Habib offers his thoughts on the matter.
Car accidents can’t be prevented. If you routinely drive, you’re going to get into an accident at some point. Nearly 6.5 million crashes involving police enforcement occur each year, according to NHTSA estimates. Mishaps also go undetected in significant numbers. Lack of maintenance is a major contributor to automotive accidents.

According to Nash Habib, car accidents are a serious source of concern. “A large number of individuals are injured or killed in automobile accidents. However, despite their increased safety, vehicles still inflict tens of billions of dollars in damage each year.

An estimated 30,000 people are killed in car accidents each year, according to the NHTSA. A automobile collision is the biggest cause of death in the United States, as a result of which

“The most common cause of car accidents is distracted driving.” According to Nash Habib, you just look at your phone “to reply” to a text message. “But even if you just have a few seconds, your automobile may go hundreds of feet. Anyone or anything might be hit by your vehicle, whether it’s a rear-end collision or a run-over.

Texting and driving rules are becoming tougher in many places. Texting while driving has resulted in numerous arrests. Murder and manslaughter charges may be brought against a distracted motorist who kills someone. Distracted drivers are increasingly being sought out by police, who then pull them over and issue them with fines.

Getting into an automobile accident while intoxicated is another major cause of fatality. A collision is more likely when a driver has consumed alcohol and is behind the wheel. Slow reflexes make driving straight more difficult, to say nothing of the other issues that may arise.

According to Nash Habib, there is no excuse for driving under the influence of alcohol. Just dial an Uber or Lyft and you’ll be on your way. You might also arrange to be picked up by a sober driver. Driving under the influence of alcohol increases your likelihood of a serious collision.”

Another significant cause of car accidents is speeding, which might raise your own culpability. If you injure or kill someone while driving, speeding is a felony.

Even if you don’t gain anything in terms of time, speeding might land you in legal trouble if you’re caught or get into an accident.”

Nash Habib brings forth his thoughts in this section. Instead, concentrate on safe driving practises and adhering to specified speed limits.

Tips from Nash Habib on How to Prepare for, Deal with, and Recover from an Accident

If you are in an accident, you must immediately stop driving. Parking in a garage or on the side of the road is always better than stopping in the middle of the road. Flares and other similar devices may also be used to enhance your visibility.

According to Nash Habib of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), emergency kits for drivers should include reflectors and electric flare lights. Increasing visibility lowers the risk of serious injuries and fatalities.



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