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Nashwan Habib
3 min readMar 30, 2021



Nashwan Habib jumped on the technological bandwagon for towing management quite quickly, realizing that this career option could benefit very heavily from integrating many unique programs. For instance, he tries to find excellent and innovative applications that help with towing sales management. The following options are among the best for 2021 and may help out many towing companies.

New Programs Nashwan Habib Thinks Will Help With Towing Scenarios

The first program that Nashwan Habib believes will help with towing companies is Samsara. This cloud-based fleet-management tool integrates many high-quality tools that will make this process easier for your crew to manage your tows. For example, it includes GPS tracking to make it easier for your towers to find cars, something Nashwan Habib believes will be critical in 2021.

However, Nashwan Habib also likes this program’s ability to track your trailers from place to place with minimal difficulty. It also includes a dashboard camera and various other elements that make it simpler for you to track your team’s progress with minimal fuss. In this way, Nashwan Habib finds that it’s simpler for towing experts to handle the somewhat tricky tasks that lay ahead when planning a towing experience.

Another exciting program Nashwan Habib enjoys is AUTOsist, another cloud-based program that helps with similar elements as the previous program. However, this app also includes inspection checklists, record management, easy reporting, and fuel tracking steps. These elements all help to make your fleet easier to manage by creating on-hand and easy-to-understand features that keep your team moving.

Many of the best programs on this list included certain automation levels that make it simpler to handle fleet management. For example, Nashwan Habib thinks that Dossier Fleet Maintenance uses an attractive central automated dashboard that creates an easier-to-understand level of fleet management that allows you to set up many computerized programs to handle this process for you.

For example, Nashwan Habib likes that this program can automate various route planning types to make it simpler to create paths for your trucks to follow. And Nashwan Habib also enjoys the payment automation benefits provided by this program, as they allow you and your team to accept many types of reimbursement to ensure that nobody on your squad ever feels unable to get paid.

Nashwan Habib also suggests InTow Software Suite as a comprehensive towing tracking package that can handle a pretty broad range of different needs. He likes this program for its powerful and adaptable truck dispatching capabilities and the office-to-driver communication benefits. Few other towing management suites provide the kind of comprehensive range of services offered here.

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Nashwan Habib

Nashwan Habib was born in Iraq and In the years after the end of the first Gulf War, streams of refugees from Iraq were trying to get to the United States.