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Nashwan Habib
3 min readJun 9, 2021

Looking to start a business? Nashwan Habib explains why teamwork is essential.

If you’re going to run a small business or another organization, teamwork will often prove vital. Nashwan Habib would know, he’s built a successful roadside service company by relying on his employees, and now he’s going to share some vital insights.

“You can’t be a one-man army when running an organization,” Nashwan Habib says. “The main point of an organization is arguably to leverage the skills, insights, and productivity of a group of people. When I started to build my roadside service company, my first thought wasn’t getting equipment or running marketing campaigns. Instead, I focused on building a team.”

While some people do perfectly well for themselves working alone, scaling a one-person operation into a full-fledged business often means hiring employees who can accomplish various tasks. This means identifying where labor power is needed and then finding the right people to provide that labor power.

“At first glance, roadside service might seem pretty simple,” Nashwan Habib points out. “In reality, however, it’s rather complicated. You need a dispatcher who can handle requests and get details. You need technicians who can tow vehicles and provide assistance. You also need people who understand marketing, accounting, HR and all the rest.”

Even a small business can be quite complicated. For example, who handles the billing? What if there’s a problem processing a payment? What if an employee quits? How do you replace him or her? Then there are vital business processes, like marketing. If you don’t have a good marketing team in place, you may fail to reach your customers.

Nashwan Habib Digs Into The Roadside Service Business

As for roadside assistance, communication is as vital a tool as any towing cables, wrenches, and the like. Finding people on crowded roads or scattered throughout town is easier said than done. Yet to ensure safety and customer happiness, the tow truck driver needs to get on-site as quickly as possible.

Skilled dispatch operators can gather all the necessary information, reduce bottlenecks, and increase clarity. That said, the greatest dispatch operator in the world can’t ensure good service if the tow truck driver isn’t up to snuff. So how do you find good tow truck drivers?

“One of the most important things a manager or owner can do is to build a great team,” Nashwan Habib argues. “I spend a lot of time looking for the right technicians to provide roadside service. They need the right drive, a helpful demeanor, and a strong work ethic. The same is true for employees in any other role.”

Merely selecting a person, however, isn’t enough. Even the most driven employees need guidance and training, and that too falls onto the shoulders of leaders within the organization.

“As the owner, the buck stops with me,” Nashwan Habib says. “I make sure my employees are well-trained, and if they aren’t well-trained, that’s because I made a mistake somewhere along the line.”

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Nashwan Habib

Nashwan Habib was born in Iraq and In the years after the end of the first Gulf War, streams of refugees from Iraq were trying to get to the United States.