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Nashwan Habib
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Life throws many challenges at people every day and creates struggles that may seem impossible to overcome. However, Nashwan Habib has risen above a difficult early life, which saw significant difficulties that would have taken out other people. And he is now the owner and leader of a powerful towing company, Angelos Towing in San Diego. His story is inspirational and well worth exploring.

How Nashwan Habib Rose Above a Difficult Early Life

Nashwan Habib had an early life that many in America will likely find nearly impossible to grasp fully. He was born in Iraq and suffered through the hardship of the Saddam Hussein dictatorship. Many in his home country suffered, as did his family. As a young boy, he received almost no formal education and was taken out of school just after elementary training and forced to mature at a young age.

He also lived through the challenges of the first Gulf War between Iraq and the US and found himself and his family fleeing to Greece as refugees. While many others from the country were attempting to flee straight to the United States, his family went to Greece first because this country accepts many refugees and has a good working relationship with America for sending refugees there.

Eventually, Nashwan Habib made it to America when he turned 18, December 17, 1992. Life in this country was better than he’d experienced elsewhere but was not easy. English was not an easy language for him to learn, and he struggled with reading and writing. However, he was determined to make a name for himself and overcome his hard beginnings to become a successful man.

Instead of giving up, he kept at his English and became much better at the language. His writing and reading improved, as did his commitment to success. Intelligent planning and hard work helped him start up a towing company in San Diego: Angelo’s Towing & Recovery. This small firm started with just a few trucks but has expanded to become the area’s most trusted towing firm.

Today, Nashwan Habib is the president and CEO of this business and provides over 50 different tow trucks. His company has become known for its friendly service and its commitment to a 24/7 towing schedule. They’ve also created a monitoring system that allows customers to track their trucks to see where they are located and get an estimated ETA, improving their emergency planning.

Nashwan Habib’s story has inspired many people to strive for their best and do what they can to succeed. Many of his towing team uses his example to move on to bigger and better things and become owners of their own. And his family continually turns to him for advice on many of life’s most difficult choices, giving him the respect that he has carefully earned through the most difficult times.

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Nashwan Habib

Nashwan Habib was born in Iraq and In the years after the end of the first Gulf War, streams of refugees from Iraq were trying to get to the United States.