Nashwan Habib Provides Road Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life -

Nashwan Habib
3 min readNov 30, 2020

Nashwan Habib Provides Road Safety Tips That Could Save Your Life

Proper preparation can save you a lot of headaches, and in some circumstances, may even save your life. Do you know what to do in case of a car breakdown or accident? It’s smart to formulate a mental plan now so you can react quickly during an accident or breakdown. You should also make sure you have vital supplies on hand in case of an emergency. Fortunately, Nashwan Habib , who owns Angelo’s Towing (and also goes by Nash Habib), has some vital road safety tips to share.

“First thing’s first,” Nashwan Habib says, “immediately flick on your flashers, then check to see if anyone is injured. If you’ve suffered a breakdown, you should try to get out of the way of traffic, say pulling to the side of the road. If you’ve been in an accident, dial 911.”

Ideally, you’ll also have a roadside emergency kit on hand with vital supplies. Spending a bit of money on a kit now, and putting a kit in your trunk or backseat is smart. These days, you can pick up roadside emergency kits online for roughly $50. If you do buy a preassembled kit, make sure it has everything you need, Nashwan Habib suggests.

“A good emergency kit will have flashers, flairs, or other tools to quickly increase visibility. This is a very important,” Nashwan Habib relates. “So often I pull up to clients on the road and my stomach turns into knots because they’re in danger, sitting in traffic with minimal visibility.”

Nashwan Habib Says These Things Should Be In Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Visibility isn’t your only concern in a roadside emergency kit, however. You should also have the tools needed to change tires and perform other basic tasks. A can of run-flat is also smart. Nashwan Habib points out that if you suffer a flat tire, you may be able to patch up the tire enough to reach a gas station.

“So often, I pull up to clients and find them woefully under-prepared,” Nashwan Habib says. “They’re sitting on the side of a busy road. If they had a can of run flat, they could have patched up their tire and driven a few miles to a gas station, where they’re much safer.”

Another consideration is a window breaker. Car windows are very tough, Nashwan Habib notes. If your car ends up submerged in water, you could end up trapped in your car, unable to open the door or roll down the window. If you have a window breaker in your glove box, not your trunk, you can break the glass and escape.

“Definitely, a window breaker is something that should be in every glove box. Hopefully you never need it,” Nashwan Habib says, “but if you do, you’ll be glad it’s there. Also consider a few bottles of water, thermal blankets, and other necessities in case you end up stranded.”

Do all the above, Nashwan Habib points out, and you’re much better prepared in the event of an accident or break down.

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